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‘Global south’ ought to reform world governance to make it more practical, balanced: Xi Jinping  


Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers his speech at a convention marking the seventieth anniversary of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence on the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on June 28, 2024.
| Photo Credit: AP

Underlining the significance of the “Global South”, Chinese President Xi Jinping on Friday mentioned that the Global South ought to actively take part in reforming and growing the worldwide governance system and make the worldwide governance structure extra balanced and efficient. 

“China’s resolve to stay on the path of peaceful development will not change. We will never take the trodden path of colonial plundering, or the wrong path of seeking hegemony when one becomes strong. We will stay on the right path of peaceful development,” Mr. Xi mentioned, in a thinly veiled assault on the West.

He made the feedback at an occasion marking the seventieth anniversary of the “five principles of peaceful coexistence”. 

Mr. Xi mentioned that through the Cold War, newly unbiased international locations aspired to safeguard their sovereignty and develop their nationwide economic system and the 5 ideas have been included within the China-India and China-Myanmar joint statements, which collectively had referred to as for making them fundamental norms for state-to-state relations.

The 5 ideas are mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference in one another’s inner affairs, equality and mutual profit, and peaceable coexistence. 

“The five principles of peaceful coexistence were born in Asia, but quickly ascended to the world stage… The Non-Aligned Movement that rose in the 1960s adopted the Five Principles as its guiding principles. Over the past 70 years, the five principles of peaceful coexistence have transcended time and space and overcome estrangement, showing robust resilience and everlasting relevance. They have become open, inclusive, and universally applicable basic norms for international relations and fundamental principles of international law,” he added.

Mr. Xi mentioned that of all of the forces on the earth, the Global South stands out with a powerful momentum, enjoying an important function in selling human progress. Standing at a brand new historic place to begin, the Global South ought to be extra open and extra inclusive, and be a part of fingers collectively to take the lead in constructing a group with a shared future for mankind, he mentioned. 

“Together, we should be the staunch force for peace. We should promote peaceful settlement of international disputes, and participate constructively in the political settlement of international and regional hotspot issues. Together, we should be the core driving force for open development. We should restore development as the central international agenda item, reinvigorate global partnerships for development, and deepen South-South cooperation as well as North-South dialogue,” he added. 

Mr. Xi mentioned that international locations ought to collectively uphold the “golden rule” of non-interference, and collectively oppose acts of imposing one’s will on others, stoking bloc confrontation, creating small circles, and forcing others to select sides. 

The Chinese President mentioned that within the face of latest challenges, the authority and central function of the United Nations can solely be strengthened quite than weakened. “The purposes and principles of the UN Charter are never outdated, and they are getting ever more important. China advocates the vision of global governance featuring extensive consultation and joint contribution for shared benefit, and China believes in true multilateralism. Our goal is that international rules should be made and observed by all countries. World affairs should be handled through extensive consultation, not dictated by those with more muscles,” he mentioned.

(The correspondent is in China on the invitation of the China Public Diplomacy Association)

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