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Li Shangfu, former Chinese Defence Minister, expelled from Communist Party: state media


China’s former Defence Minister Li Shangfu attends the twentieth IISS Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on June 02, 2023.
| Photo Credit: Reuters

Former Chinese Defence Minister Li Shangfu has been expelled from the ruling Communist Party, state media stated on June 27, after he was sacked abruptly final yr in unexplained circumstances.

“The Politburo… has decided to expel Li Shangfu from the party, terminate his credentials as a representative of the 20th National Congress, and transfer his suspected criminal issues to military procuratorial organs for review and prosecution,” state broadcaster CCTV stated.

The Communist Party’s highly effective Politburo of senior leaders convened on June 27 to overview a report on Mr. Li’s standing.

There, they dominated Mr. Li had “betrayed his original mission and lost his party spirit and principles”, in line with CCTV.

He “seriously polluted the political environment and industrial ethos in the field of military equipment, and caused great damage to the party’s cause, national defence and the construction of the armed forces”, CCTV stated.

Mr. Li is “suspected of bribery” having been accused of “taking advantage of his position and taking huge sums of money to seek benefits for others… and giving money to others to seek inappropriate benefits”, it stated.

He additionally “illegally sought personnel benefits for himself and others”, it added.

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