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The colors white, blue and purple within the Icelandic flag symbolize the snow, ocean, and volcanoes.

Q: June 17 marks the top of Iceland’s centuries previous ties with which nation.

A: Denmark

Q:  What is the Capital of Iceland and what distinction does it maintain as regards its location?

A:  Reykjavík. It is probably the most northerly capital on the planet.

Q: Name the Icelandic parliament which is one in every of oldest surviving parliaments on the planet, having been based in 930 at Pingvellir (‘assembly fields’) and located roughly 45 kilometres near its trendy capital.

A: Alþingi (anglicised as Althingi or Althing).

Q: Name the Icelandic saga that’s thought of one of many best prose works of medieval literature?

A: Saga of the Volsungs.

Q: The ‘Hakarl’, an Icelandic nationwide dish, is made utilizing the rotten meat of which marine animal that has been cured with a fermentation course of and hung to dry in an open air shed.

A: Greenland shark or basking shark

Q: Which late American sporting legend, who received the World championship in his sport at Reykjavik in 1972 however grew to become a recluse, was granted an Icelandic citizenship in 2005?

A: Chess geniius Bobby Fischer.

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