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Amidst tensions in South China Sea, China says Hainan Free Trade Port building has gained momentum  


Chinese Maritime Militia vessels are pictured close to the Second Thomas Shoal within the South China Sea. File.
| Photo Credit: Reuters

Amidst ongoing tensions within the South China Sea, Liu Xiaoming, Governor of Hainan province — the southernmost and the one tropical island province of China within the South China Sea — mentioned that the development of the Hainan Free Trade Port (FTP) has taken form and gained momentum, six years after Chinese President Xi Jinping’s announcement of creating FTP.

Hainan, a lush tropical island, shouldn’t be very removed from the Philippines and there have been tensions between each nations over the disputed South China sea.

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The FTP blueprint is formidable and as per the primary part of the plan, China goals to determine about 35,000 sq km island as China’s most open financial area by 2025. The final aim is to construct a tropical Dubai in the course of the South China Sea by 2035.

“The construction of the Hainan FTP has taken shape and gained momentum, serving as both a booster and an accelerator for Hainan’s high-quality development,” the Governor mentioned whereas addressing a press convention on April 11. “Going forward, we will actively advance emerging marine industries such as deep-sea technology, marine intelligent equipment manufacturing, and deep-sea aquaculture. We have a greater goal of building a stronger Hainan with a thriving marine industry over the next decade,” he added.

The Governor mentioned that the federal government will even deal with the aerospace business as Hainan is ideally suited to the event of the aerospace business attributable to its geographical latitude.

“The No. 1 launch pad of China’s first commercial spacecraft launch site was completed at the end of last year, and the construction of the No. 2 launch pad was also finished at the end of March this year, expected to be capable of supporting regular launches starting in June,” he mentioned.

The Governor mentioned that many main home business aerospace enterprises are competing for launch alternatives.

“With a focus on the rocket chain, we will also expand and promote the establishment of ‘space plus’ industrial projects, such as the satellite chain and the data chain, striving to develop the Wenchang International Aerospace City into a hub that integrates space launches, R&D, manufacturing, tourism, and international exchanges.,” he mentioned.

Tensions between China and the Philippines have risen over repeated clashes between the 2 nations’ coast guard vessels within the disputed South China Sea, AP reported earlier this month. Beijing has defended its operations within the South China Sea and blamed the United States for creating tensions.

(The correspondent is in China on the invitation of the China Public Diplomacy Association.)

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