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Russia’s Foreign Minister rejects a US proposal to renew talks on nuclear arms management


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks throughout his annual information convention in Moscow, Russia on January 18, 2024.
| Photo Credit: AP

Russia’s high diplomat dismissed the United States proposal to renew a dialogue on nuclear arms management, saying that it’s unattainable whereas Washington provides army assist to Ukraine.

Speaking at an annual information convention, Sergey Lavrov accused the West of fueling international safety dangers by encouraging Ukraine to ramp up strikes on the Russian territory and warned that Moscow will obtain its targets within the battle no matter Western assist for Kyiv.

Commenting on a U.S. proposal to renew contacts within the sphere of nuclear arms management, Mr. Lavrov stated that Moscow has rejected the provide. He stated that for such talks to be held, Washington first must revise its present coverage towards Russia.

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Mr. Lavrov charged that Washington’s push for the revival of nuclear talks has been pushed by a need to renew inspections of Russia’s nuclear weapons websites. He described such U.S. calls for as “indecent” in view of Ukraine’s assaults on Russian nuclear-capable bomber bases in the course of the battle.

“Amid a ‘hybrid war’ waged by Washington against Russia, we aren’t seeing any basis, not only for any additional joint measures in the sphere of arms control and reduction of strategic risks, but for any discussion of strategic stability issues with the U.S.,” he stated. “We firmly link such possibility to the West fully renouncing its malicious course aimed at undermining Russia’s security and interests.”

The minister stated Washington’s push for restarting nuclear arms talks is rooted in a need to “try to establish control over our nuclear arsenal and minimize nuclear risks for itself,” however added that “those risks are emerging as a result of forceful pressure on our country.”

He accused the West of blocking any talks on ending the battle and inciting the ramping up of assaults on Russia.

“Such encouragement and the transfer of relevant weapons shows that the West doesn’t want any constructive solution,” Mr. Lavrov stated. “The West is pushing toward the escalation of the Ukrainian crisis, and that raises new strategic risks.”

He reaffirmed that Russia will pursue what it calls the “special military operation” no matter Western stress.

“We will consistently and persistently press the goals of the special military operation and we will achieve them,” he stated. “They shouldn’t have any hope that Russia may very well be defeated in any method. Those within the West who fantasize about it have did not study historical past classes.”

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