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War has proven Zelenskyy’s true qualities to all, says spouse Olena


Olena Zelenska additionally stated she has not seen her husband, Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy, since Russia invaded Ukraine

Olena Zelenska additionally stated she has not seen her husband, Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy, since Russia invaded Ukraine

Ukraine’s first woman, Olena Zelenska, says the warfare with Russia has not modified her husband however solely revealed to the world his willpower to prevail and the truth that he’s a person you may depend on.

Ms Zelenska, in an interview printed Friday within the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, additionally stated she has not seen her husband, 44-year-old Ukrainian President Volodymr Zelenskyy, since Russia invaded Ukraine.

When Ms Zelenska wakened on Feb. 24, the day the warfare started, her husband was already awake and dressed. He instructed her merely: “It’s started,” and left for the workplace in Kyiv, she recalled.

“Since Feb. 24, I’ve been seeing my husband identical to you — on TV and on the video recordings of his speeches,” she said.

Ms Zelenska said the couple’s two children were with her but she did not disclose their location.

She accused Russia of trying to carry out a genocide against the Ukrainian people and expressed her sympathy with the more than 11 million Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes.

Grateful to Poland

Poland has accepted the biggest variety of them, with 3 million crossing into Poland because the warfare started and 1.6 million Ukrainians registering for nationwide identification numbers, indicating they plan to stay for a while. Most are girls and youngsters.

“I wish I could hug each of them. It is easy to imagine the difficult path they went through, escaping from basements or bunkers in Mariupol, from shelling in Kharkiv, from the occupied Kyiv region, and even from Lviv or Odesa, which were also under fire from Russian missiles,” she stated.

She additionally thanked Poles for his or her efforts to assist Ukrainians, a message her husband additionally delivered to the Polish media on Friday.

The newspaper, making clear that it interviewed Ms Zelenska remotely, requested her if the warfare had modified her husband, the previous comedic actor who has rallied and united Ukraine as a wartime chief, profitable respect worldwide.

“The war has not changed him,” she replied. “He has always been a man you can rely on. A man who will never fail. Who will hold out until the end. It’s just that now the whole world has seen what may not have been clear to everyone before.”

She was also asked if she had a message for the mothers, wives and sisters of Russian soldiers. Ms Zelenska said she did not, because “nothing will get by means of to them.”

“During those two months, as their sons are being killed in Ukraine as criminals and occupiers, they had time to define their position. Since there is no such declaration — if the coffins do not convince them that something is wrong here — then I have nothing to say to them,” she stated.

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