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WCCB Wins Asia Environmental Enforcement Award 2020

The Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB) has received the Asia Environmental Enforcement Award-2020.


Wildlife Crime Control Bureau (WCCB)

  • It is a statutory body constituted under the WildLife (Protection) Act, 1972.
  • Ministry: Ministry of Environment and Forests.
  • Mandate: To combat organized wildlife crime in the country.
  • Headquarter: New Delhi
  • Regional offices: Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Jabalpur
  • WCCB has developed an online Wildlife Crime Database Management System to get real time data to analyse trends in wildlife crimes across India.
  • This system has been successfully used for carrying out operations such as Operation Save Kurma, Thunderbird, Wildnet, Lesknow, Birbil, Thunderstorm, Lesknow-II etc resulting in huge seizures of Tiger/Leopard Skin/bones, Rhino Horn, Elephant Ivory etc.
  • WCCB got the award twice in three years.
  • It has been awarded this year under the Innovation category.
  • Awarded by: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).


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